25 Replies to “Why Chris Froome will win the Tour De France 2014”

  1. All this talk & then they both crashes lol. But yeah, if crashes didn’t
    exist in cycling, Froome would probably have won or Contador.

  2. I wonder why he can spin so highly??? LOL its stupid to compare him with
    other riders… because he is doped as fuck

  3. Froome’s style doesn’t necessarily allow for more oxygen intake. It can be
    a more efficient way to allow oxygen transport to and from the muscles
    through the blood – but only if you have the cardiovascular capacity and
    correct physiology to allow for this!

  4. Every thing is possible,Chris Froome could fall and lose the tour,or as you
    seen Alberto Contador attack on tirrano adriatico stage 5 from 30km ,he can
    do that to Froome ,or Froome could lose time on the cobbles.And remember
    Contador will see if he can attack Froome on stage 7 of criterium du
    duaphine…that’s where will see who can win the tour………

  5. If you look at Contadors last year performence, he was droped imidietly.
    But now he can follow him and if he plays it smart like on that stage where
    Froome didn allow any others to go, thats not something you can do in three
    weeks. Contador needs to be ice cold and Froome will go down. Anyway TDF
    2014 is going to be great. 

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