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  1. Yes Contador is a good climber, but Rodriguez is impressive too – being the best cyclist in the world as per UCI rankings in 2010 and 2012. That isn’t something to scoff at. No he’s never won a grand tour, but he wins plenty of stages and is a top competitor in the GC. Contador needs rivals, and Rodriguez is one. Should be a more exciting tour than 2012 for sure.

  2. He has always been better with the help of drugs. Now that they are racing in a cleaner era they are closely matched. Don’t be so naive to think that Contador was clean in the past.  Get a grip.

  3. Contador is the best climber since 2007. And he is gonna kick Rodriguez’s ass in the next Tdf, at his top form this time. As I said, he has always been better than Rodriguez. 

  4. Finish of Tour of lombardie was a shorter climb, (villa vergano 3.2 km) and it was not a summit finish. In milano torino it was a 5.5 km climb summit finish, and steeper.
    At Fuente De stage, Contador DROPPED Rodriguez on collado de la hoz, Purito was just just getting gapped while he was trying to get back on Contador.
    Rodriguez kicked his ass on every summit finish? by sprinting on the last KM? Well, Contador came back from a 6 month ban, he was obviously not at his top form, as he said.

  5. Rodriguez beat him to almost every summit finish in the Vuelta post ban, the day Contador got away was a result of tactics not climbing ability. When I say handed it to him, I mean kicked his ass lol, not that he GAVE him the Vuelta… Go back and watch the Vuelta and count how many mountain finishes Rodriguez finished ahead of Contador and vice versa and you will realise. Milano-Turin? What about Lombardy, a big race with a steeper climb?

  6. I wish I went each way now but did £50 win at 100/1 but should be able to lay off at small odds if Rods keeps showing this kind of form, most bookies running for cover now, Froome looks the part but odds are skinny, go Rods !!!

  7. Katusha won their appeal so no reason he wont start now. Backed him at 22/1 (each way) with paddypower this morning and they cut him to 14/1 strightaway. William Hill only ones going 20/1 now 🙂

  8. Whatever the account today the holy grail of any pro cyclist is the Tour De France so Rodriguez being in the best form of his life has to race it this year so either Katusha get a pass or he leaves for another team, time to put yourself first Rod and make it happen !

  9. Do you really think that Contador has always been clean? he was part of the Astana team that was rife with drugs, he had the chance to give some DNA to clear his name and check if it matched blood bags that had been found and he refused.. your probably the same guy who thought lance armstrong was a clean rider

  10. Rodriguez barely gave a victory salute hahaha… Green mountain must have been real tough!

  11. ¡Really nice cover of the last kilometers, and the hole race! Keep going with this race reports,news,tutos, and tops. This channel deserves thousands of suscribers.
    Never give up with the videos, every day the channel is growing and getting better.

    ¡Like! and cheers. 🙂

  12. well i remember seeing Alberto on the top step of the podium 7 times if im not mistaken…think i have pictures to prove it too…

  13. 1st of all,you dont know what you’re talking about….purrito was no match for contador,didnt give him anything…where’s ur proof he was doped up????you should keep comments like that to yourself…

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