11 Replies to “Season 1, Episode 6: Bradley Wiggins’ views on women’s cycling”

  1. Agree, would be nice if the cashed up Sky decided to catch up to Orica-GreenEDGE and Rabobank in that respect. Put your money where your mouth is Wiggo.

  2. The women’s teams have the same set of rules as the UCI Continental teams, and they are semi-pros at best. Some riders can make a living as a cyclist, but a lot of them need ordinary jobs.

  3. I think he means that none of the elite male riders have invested in a women’s team…they haven’t supported it and that is what he would like to do…

  4. I’m going to give Wiggins the benefit of the doubt and say that comment is out of context in this video from not hearing the question or from cutting to him mid-sentence.

  5. @CycleToVideo I think his point is that for men there are UCI Professional & Continental teams. The rules that apply to UCI Continental teams are shared w/ ALL UCI Women’s Teams which is in part how the UCI is able to refuse to recognize pro female cyclists as “real” pros and why there are still no minimum pay standards for professional women as enforced by the UCI for Professional men. A lot of this is still in reaction to Pat McQuaid intimating that women don’t deserve minimum pay standards.

  6. I’m confused…when Wiggo says, “Long term, I’m really keen on having a professional women’s racing team, ‘cuz I don’t think no one’s ever done that yet”…is he not aware of all the women’s pro teams?

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