Peter Sagan, the reigning road world champion has expressed hopes that clean riders can bring sponsorship back to cycling. Speaking on Wednesday at the Bora-hansgrohe team training camp in Spain, he revealed his support for the improvement of anti-doping measures.

The Slovakian pointed out that the anti-doping measure put in place were very rigorous, and could be likened to being in jail, with no possibility of breaking the rules without being apprehended.

“What happened happened, and now we are a new generation,” he said.

“If we have to talk serious, it’s like we’re in jail, because we have – always, riding in the position that we are – doping controls [that] can come everywhere. It’s just impossible to think about that. I think now cycling is very clean,” he added.

Sagan has said that with the current measures taken, he is optimistic about the future of cycling, with better opportunities for the younger generation. He had said:

“It’s much better, because a lot of young riders have more possibilities. I was very lucky. I came into an already clean cycling.

“From the start of my career I started winning and I think that is very nice. More young cyclists are winning. It’s telling you that it’s not possible anymore, that kind of thing in cycling.”

Sagan stated that the anti-doping measures will be a positive driving force to propagate the economic situation of pro cycling, giving the teams a positive image, and winning more sponsorship.

“We can make a revolution in cycling,” he said. “There was a period in cycling were there was either national money in cycling, or cycling (bike manufacturer) sponsors. All the brands of the bike were sponsors of the team, or Astana was national money, Katusha was national money.”