Wiggins takes 3rd place at Qatar Tour time-trial

Sir Wiggins reportedly settled for 3rd place at Tour Qatar’s stage 3 individual time-trial. It was Niki Terpstra who emerged as the winner with overall racing lead.

The 2012 Tour France champ, who was cycling for the 1st time in world champ jersey, paused the clock on a ten kilometer Losail course in 14 minutes 12 seconds- 9 seconds behind Terpstra & just 1 sec adrift of Fabian Cancellara.

The result catapulted Niki to the topmost status of general classification & opened up an eleven second good lead over Bodnar (Maciej), who finished at 4th– almost at the same time-span as that of Wiggins. Niki was the defending champion of Qatar Tour this year.

Ian Stannard from Sky has taken the 3rd overall position, racing twelve seconds back, post finishing just a second behind Sir Bradley on that day, in 5th place. His team-mate Rowe (Luke) is at the 5th place, finishing 33 seconds back. Continue reading “Wiggins takes 3rd place at Qatar Tour time-trial”

Further humiliation For Tour France Reigning Champ After Fourth Astana Dope Positive

Astana seems to be passing under a heinous spell right now- according to sources, another rider from the squad comes positive in doping tests posing further humiliation for Tour France reigning champ Vincenzo Nibali.

It is Victor Okishev from Astana Continental who is the 4th rider to return adverse analytical report for banned consumption Androgenic Anabolic Steroids. The time trial under-23 winner from Asian Cycling Championships has received suspension from UCI yet has this right to appeal & attend analysis of B sample. Continue reading “Further humiliation For Tour France Reigning Champ After Fourth Astana Dope Positive”

Cycling Fashion Take A Step Further

In the 19th and 18th century, the only places where cycling apparel were produced was the continent. Cycling clothing in Britain was facing what you call an identity crisis but still existed. A simple search in Google showed that just like the fashion world of today, fashion has always existed in the cycling world too; be it for a pro or a newbie rider.

There have been experiments with colours though when the world saw Bernard Hinault ride wearing Peugeot checks or block colours of La Vie Claire that was inspired by Mondrian. The team of Brooklyn Chewing Gum clad in red, white and blue only visible at the back of Roger de Vlaeminck. A lot of other manufacturers fell into the trend of creating neon, text overloaded costumes or even the colour splashed ones.

Britan wasn’t completely pretentious about representing this period as they saw Caratti and Lusso who were very proud of their creations. Caratti was the first to import brands of Italy like De Marchi, Castelli, Sidi and Colnago but slowly went towards creating their own line of clothes. In the late nineties, Caratti disappeared for some time only to come out the next year with a whole new collection.

Former cyclist John Harrison launched Lusso in 1982 but at first he and his wife only had the intent of making cycling shorts that were decent but comfortable and didn’t cost very much either. Being one of the few British manufacturers remaining from that era, he can account for all the changes that have come about since the eighties. He says that 30 years ago, people laughed at the very idea of cakes and coffee being sold at a bike shop but today the competition is way too strong than it was back then but the plus side is that now they only have the European brands to compete with.

Alberto Contador Looking Forward To The 2015 Tour de France

Contador is confident about winning the 102nd edition of the Tour de France. He said that he likes the Tour and considers it to be harder than last year’s. He said that he needs to recover well after Giro d’Italia and he is confident about preparing himself in a thorough manner.

Bjarne Riis, the manager of Tinkoff-Saxo team, to which Contador belongs, has said that the course is favourable for them and he also called the tour tough and spectacular.

The opening stages of the race will be in Belgium and Northern France. Regarding that, Contador said that they’d have to be strong in the two uphill finishes because that can potentially make much more difference than long climbs. Contador also recognizes the importance of having a team that is strong enough to protect him, more importantly on the cobblestone stage which he regards to be difficult.

Contador said that the race requires a participant to be fresh and in good shape because it is very exhausting. He previously won the race in 2007 and 2009.

A team time trial event spanning 28 km concludes the first part of the Tour de France. Contador considers having a team that is fit and has all its members ready for the event to be crucial.

Contador considers that for the first part, it is crucial to go out without having to lose time because of the course being so much physically demanding because of so many uphill finishes.

An important issue in the course is recovery. Contador considers that in the case of defending a lead, things might get complicated. But in case a rider needs to attack, it might prove to be tactically advantageous.

Riis is hopeful of his team performing well in the Team Time Trial. He also said that he likes the course and further added that the course demands a team to be strong and having a short time trial is also good for them. He said that the Tour needs not always be same.