25 Replies to “My morning ride with Mark Cavendish”

  1. Would it be true to say that Mark Cavendish “digs his pedals” (i.e. feet
    never going near to flat but while becoming a little flatter at the bottom
    always maintaining a considerable at least 30 degree downward angle of his
    feet) e.g. at 5:03, 8:00 and 9:37, and of course really digging at the 11:00
    area when out of the saddle.

  2. You piss me off. You should stand up with your hands on the drops. It
    doesn’t seem stupid to me, very little strain on back and more control of
    the bike. He probably doesn’t think it looks cool….. I think its all a
    matter of the individual buddy, its awesome that you don’t like what hes
    doing, thank you for notifying us, I’ll be sure to send him a memo.

  3. Bit of a boring vid – I thought he was going to do a crazy fast finish just
    to show how really quick he is!

  4. Have a look at some videos of Marco Pantani, he was known for riding in the
    drops out of the saddle while going up hills!! As long as your bike is set
    up properly it shouldn’t be any less stable that being on the hoods.

  5. Great morning out with a world champ, what a way to start the week! Were
    you the guy with the Go Pro on your helmet? Great video, and great quality
    footage. Thanks for posting it

  6. Should you stand up with your hands in the drops?! Have you ever sprinted?
    Probably not, bet your one of these pricks riding a fixed gear in his

  7. You’re funny. How can those spandex shorts possibly be gay, when 80% of
    Olympic athletes wear them, and 100% of the NFL wears them

  8. its simply amazing how wrong some people can be when assuming what others
    are, do and look like. Keep it up you moron its good for a laugh

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