25 Replies to “Mark Cavendish Re: Venge”

  1. He might be British, but i think he’s an irritating little C**t. Only does
    an interview if the lead out goes to plan.

  2. Not a specialized guy myself, (BMC) but the fact that this bike was in part
    designed by McLaren is bad ass as FUCK

  3. why? neither were riding a venge, which is a road bike and thus would be
    out of place on a velodrome.

  4. Not sure why exactly you replied to me. I don’t have a problem with
    Specialized, a lot of my buddies ride them quite happily. I tried out a BMC
    TM01 one day and was immediately hooked. The S-Works McLaren Venge is
    roughly £12,000 equipped with Di2. I own a BMC TMR01 with SRAM Red, which
    cost me $10,000. The TMR01 is half the price of the McLaren, and if you put
    Cavendish on the BMC, I’m sure he’d go just as fast as on the Venge.

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