25 Replies to “Mark Cavendish Interview – At The Launch Of Brand CVNDSH”

  1. It’s a token brand, like you say it adds exclusivity to products (I assume
    you meant products not problems.) I personally really like it, it’s
    attractive and a case of brilliant marketing, while it doesn’t ‘do’
    anything per se, it adds value to the products it’s affiliated with,
    (Oakley and Specialized in particular.)

  2. it’s up to debate that he’s the fastest sprinter in the world anymore!
    Marcel Kittel was absolutely amazing in this years tour

  3. I’ve got a good feeling about Cav this year he’s in a great team. Only a
    couple of days to go , i cant wait 🙂 setting up my trainer in front of the
    telly to ride along with them. Better watch out cav I’m on your wheel.

  4. 4:02 minutes, and not a hint of what this “brand” is about- apart from
    plastering a new name on existing problems to make them more expensive.

  5. Bicycle innovative. I liked the design of the frame at the top. But because
    all have their bikes without pedals?

  6. If I had the spare cash I’m pretty sure it would be going towards one of
    those 😛 either that or a Shiv in the same WC livery as Tony Martin!

  7. Marcel Kittel definitely destroyed Cavendish multiple times. He should have
    stayed with Sky to have the yellow jersey lead him out.

  8. Exactly, I’m driving up to Birmingham this weekend to look at one of the
    frames because I’d love to have a token of my favourite cyclist’s success

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