Geraint’s Performance At Giro

Geraint Thomas was part of the Giro d’Italia that was held recently in the month of May.

He states that he suffered some attacks, but he continued to fight on. Being a Welshman, he was part of the Tour of Alps. He left the stage one with a feeling that he accomplished what he could, but he did miss out a near chance at victory. Geraint Thomas states that, when the Tour of Alps began, he knew that there would be challenges of form that he would have to face. The last race that he was part of was the Volta a Catalunya that was held in March. The end of the key summit was a disappointing one and he also failed in the GC fight. He trained extensively in Tenerife before going in for the Giro. The Welshman was happy with the performance he did in the opening stage that was in Innsbruck.

Here he suffered an attack from fellow riders, especially in the 3.7 km ride in Hungerburg. Here the climb up was a grueling one. He finished behind Michele Scarponi.

He states that this stage left everyone feeling the same, cold and wet as the weather conditions were. However the weather became better after that and that helped the stage to finish well. He states that the training at Tenerife was grueling and having travelled before the Giro races made him feel heavy legged initially. However, once the finals came on he felt that he got into the race mode all right. His team mates kept close and kept him in front. This helped him in the final climb. Though he was facing a few attacks, he felt that he was fine at the end and the race experience was a good one. He will now be resting before he embarks on other pro races scheduled for the year.