Further humiliation For Tour France Reigning Champ After Fourth Astana Dope Positive

Astana seems to be passing under a heinous spell right now- according to sources, another rider from the squad comes positive in doping tests posing further humiliation for Tour France reigning champ Vincenzo Nibali.

It is Victor Okishev from Astana Continental who is the 4th rider to return adverse analytical report for banned consumption Androgenic Anabolic Steroids. The time trial under-23 winner from Asian Cycling Championships has received suspension from UCI yet has this right to appeal & attend analysis of B sample.

The 4th doping scandal in the same year has posed serious question mark on WorldTour license for Astana. The License Commission from UCI is speculated to submit its decision by the initial part of December regarding the refusal or approval of WorldTour license for Astana, with conditions attached.

News of Victor’s doping disclosure arrives within a few weeks of the doping scandal of team mate Davidenok (Ilya). Ilya had just signed up with Astana WorldTour team in august as stagiaire and was popped the very same month.

Their dope positives have seriously miffed the reigning Tour France champion Nibali who is definitely in an uncomfortable state now given the scandalous stance of his team at the moment. Whilst Astana’s Continental side is under operation by some separate company yet the WorldTour & Continental squads are aligned really close- with several staffs and sponsors crossover. The recent development would only work to fuel up further suspicions signifying deep-run corruptions within the Kazakhstan squad.

There’s no such suggestion that the Tour France champ has taken to doping but his mere association with the scandalized squad is becoming quite an issue for the 3-time winner of Grand Tours.  Albeit he has continuous insisted to judge Astana beyond the doping scandals yet the continuous chain of embarrassing events is actually very humiliating.