Lance Armstrong Sanction Confirmed

US cyclist Lance Armstrong is plotting the strategies that he is likely to take now that he has been stripped of all of his Tour de France titles and banned from the sport for life by the US Anti Doping Agency. Armstrong was labeled as a dope cheat by the AS Anti Doping Agency, merely a day after the cyclist from Texan made it clear via a statement that he will not seek arbitration of the charges brought against him which includes the use of performance enhancing drugs during his historic seven consecutive Tour de France triumphs between 1999 and 2005.

The agency also confirmed that the sanction of Armstrong comes because of his violation of five rules of doping, adding that the cancer survivor who returned to professional cycling to become a hero for an entire nation and beyond was part of a systematic strategy of doping when he was with the US Postal Service Team.

According to the agency, as Lance Armstrong has decided not to take part in any process of arbitration, all the records and victories that he holds from the period of 1st August, 1998 to the present date will become ineligible. And as a result of the sanction, Armstrong will not only lose the record seven titles he won at the Tour de France, but also the Bronze medal in the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000, as well as the other titles, awards and prize money.

And the US Anti Doping Agency also confirmed that since Lance Armstrong decided not to take part in any process of arbitration, the International Cycling Union is bound by the code of World Anti Doping Agency to back up the findings of the agency and uphold any and every sanction that it has put on the disgraced cycling star.