Former Team Sunweb cyclist Warren Barguil says he is not yet ready to engage in the Tour de France GC bid. He remains focused on wining the stages and defend his King of the Mountains tag in the race next year. This year, he won two stages in the Tour, claimed the King of the Mountains jersey and finished in the overall Top Ten in Paris.
Barguil moved from Sunweb to Fortuneo-Oscaro this summer and then he joined the Brittany team, agreeing to a three year deal. Despite his Tour heroics, he was sent home from the VueltaaEspana due to disagreement over tactics.
The 25-year old recently spoke about his excitement for the route next year. He says the route is “nice” and that the climbing suits him more. The French climber has enough terrain in the mountains to help him balance his overall performance.

In the first week there are stages in Brittany, then two blocks in Alps before the Pyrenees. His new team is better suited for the team time trial.

Alberto Contador Looking Forward To The 2015 Tour de France

Contador is confident about winning the 102nd edition of the Tour de France. He said that he likes the Tour and considers it to be harder than last year’s. He said that he needs to recover well after Giro d’Italia and he is confident about preparing himself in a thorough manner.

Bjarne Riis, the manager of Tinkoff-Saxo team, to which Contador belongs, has said that the course is favourable for them and he also called the tour tough and spectacular.

The opening stages of the race will be in Belgium and Northern France. Regarding that, Contador said that they’d have to be strong in the two uphill finishes because that can potentially make much more difference than long climbs. Contador also recognizes the importance of having a team that is strong enough to protect him, more importantly on the cobblestone stage which he regards to be difficult.

Contador said that the race requires a participant to be fresh and in good shape because it is very exhausting. He previously won the race in 2007 and 2009.

A team time trial event spanning 28 km concludes the first part of the Tour de France. Contador considers having a team that is fit and has all its members ready for the event to be crucial.

Contador considers that for the first part, it is crucial to go out without having to lose time because of the course being so much physically demanding because of so many uphill finishes.

An important issue in the course is recovery. Contador considers that in the case of defending a lead, things might get complicated. But in case a rider needs to attack, it might prove to be tactically advantageous.

Riis is hopeful of his team performing well in the Team Time Trial. He also said that he likes the course and further added that the course demands a team to be strong and having a short time trial is also good for them. He said that the Tour needs not always be same.

Colombia cycling authorities prove that the women’s dress was not a sexist approach

Colombia is one of the most trending topics in the world of professional cycling. The Colombian women team are in current internet trend not for their achievements but for the dress they wore during the Giro de Italy. It was a dress that took the centre stage. It was a dress which almost seemed that the women are nude from stomach to thighs. Their uniform consisted of a skin coloured cloth from stomach to the thighs. It was this cloth that caught the eye and hence the problem began for the Colombian women team. This dress was termed as the pornographic symbol in the sport. The Columbian association of cycling came out saying that it was not a Columbian international team but it was a team situated in Columbia. The experts came in terming the dress as a sexist approach from the country as it seemed that this dress was made especially for the women team.

It was not a sexist approach as recently the board posted a picture of the Colombian men dress. It was a dress similar to the women made up of skin coloured cloth. This cloth was all over the dress and consisted a special padding near the crotch area. In this way the authorities proved that it is not a sexist approach. Though the international federation of cycling commented saying that the uniform of Columbian team will never be accepted and the board is already going through the process of making sure that it is banned. In a recent tweet from the authorities it was clear that a case is being developed to remove the dress from the game as soon as possible. Whether the dress will be banned or not, but it surely made some news over the internet and got famous within few minutes.

Obliteride 2014: Charity Event Aimed At Obliterating Cancer

Nowadays, a number of bike rides take place in order to raise funds for some good cause or the other. Cycling is being used as a medium to support different social causes and issues. Obliteride is also a cycling charity event.

It was started in the year 2013 to provide financial support to the cancer research center named Fred Hutchinson (Seattle). This research center has the top chances of finding a cure to cancer. In 2013, the event was able to donate around two million dollars to Fred Hutchison research center for cancer.

This year Obliteride had gained further momentum as researchers, cyclists and cancer survivors came together to raise funds from the 8th of August, 2014 to the 10th of August, 2014.

The sponsors and administrators including Sinegal Family Foundation, Ellison Foundation, Sloan Foundation and University Village manage the charity event and parties that are organized before and after the event to welcome and thank the participants respectively.

Organizers make sure that the riders enjoy themselves during the weekend. Arrangements for delicious food and fun parties are done so that riders can have an amazing weekend.

The 2014 kick-off party was administered by Michael Franti & Spearhead. The party was a huge success.  The food stalls along the route were themed differently this time. For instance, you had French food stalls, Hawaiian food stalls and so on.

Obliteride’s main aim is to create awareness regarding the research that is going on in Fred Hutchinson research center and to bring the community together in order to fight against cancer collectively.

Obliteride 2014 is not yet over. However it has been able to raise funds of about 1.5 million dollars. Those of you who still want to be a part of this honorable charity event can sign up for Obliteride because it is going to end in September, 2014.

Tyler Farrar Aiming To Gain Momentum At Jupiter London Nocturne

TylerFarrar of Garmin-Sharp is hopeful to bring back his form of his days of junior as he starts off with Jupiter London Noctorne. Farrar along with Nathan Haas his team mates are both going to compete the race of Criterium. Smithfield market is going to witness the event.

Giro d’Italia was completed a week ago. Farrar has the experience of winning the national criterium from America so he is going to strive hard to win it this time too. All this while he was taking rest at his home after coming third in the final stage of Trieste. He is confident that his legs will not affect his ride. It has just been four days since he has won the grand tour so feeling fresh is out of question for him as he told RCUK. He was at home taking proper rest and regrouping himself for the next event. He has been practising on his bike but not rigourously. It was more of a recovery for him before the next event.

Being 30 years old and to be able to recover from injuries and crashes is a big matter and that has what made him complete the Giro for this year. It is the first time that he has completed the Giro. Farrar hung on to Robert Feerrari’s wheels in the end of the stage of 10 leading to another crash wheras for Garmin- Sharp Koldo Fernandez and Dan Martin lost in a crash of the trial of one team stage. Farrar is famous for his crashes found the ride to be a brutal one affecting his body. The ride seemed to be hard for him but he managed to win it with his will power and the same will power he is going to carry it in the upcoming tournament.

Petachhi breaks down

Alessandro Petacchi has apparently abandoned Omega Pharma Quick Step sprint train of Mark Cavendish on Monday leaving the team down to just one man in the Tour de Sans Luis. The rider from Argentina was very upset with this and said that he had trained very hard and was ready to help his team mates Mark Cavendish and Tom Boonen and he was feeling sorry for them having disappointed the fans and also the team members.

The team members on the other hand stood by him in this critical condition and he was not in a position to visit the doctor even. Instead he frequently went to the bathroom and was looking really exhausted. David Bramati the sports director in an interview with VeloNews said that it was a rather hard day for Alessandro Petacchi and he was there when the doctor arrived. The director also said that Alessandro was fit till 30 km but after that he was not in a condition to even stay on his bike. He was suffering badly vomiting all the way back and had cramps almost all over the body.

Alessandro was not in any shape to complete the full 140 km on his own and he was almost down to tears following his check up from the doctor. The stage where Alessandro had to quit was won by Phil Gaimon. The temperature rocketed sky high and reached to almost 40 degrees Celsius which became unbearable for Alessandro and he was not able to communicate with his team at a certain point as he was gasping for breath. When he recovered from his pain slightly he said that drinking water became difficult for him at that time as his body became numb for some time. This is the first time the rider faced such a calamity in his career and he hopes that he will be able to recover soon.

makes GB Proud with Gold at Worlds

It’s a great time for the GB squad no doubt- Owain Doull has made his team proud once again with the most cherished gold medal at UCI World Tarck Cycling Championship 2013 scratch race held at Mexico. The gold came on the 2nd day of the esteemed championship.

The 20-year-old dapper Welshman had to beat King Cheung (Hong Kong) to make his way up to the gold honor.

Apart from Doull, the other GB members too proved their worth at the recent UCI World Championship. Jason Kenny, the Brit Olympic champion went on to win sprint silver at the Worlds. Kenny’s famous gold winner girlfriend Laura Trott came up 2nd in ominum . Trott was, however, absent at the Worlds on its first day. Trott’s absence had Elinor Barker teaming up with Joanna Rowsell, Katie Archibald & Dani King who altogether broke the team pursuit world record & that too twice.

Becky James, the two-times world champion and one of the sprint members from GB, rode away with the bronze medal in Keirin. The Abergavenny based rider came third to Kristina Vogel & Wai Lee. Elinor Barker claimed the silver medal with second position at individual pursuit. The 19 year old rider set the record of personal best regarding individual pursuit race where she qualified of 3 minutes 30.009 secs before losing out to Australia’s Rebecca Wiasak.

Records got tumbled with high altitude & 25 year old Kenny wowed his team and country with a much improvised showmanship in individual sprint in comparison to his lost out fate in qualifying rounds during last season’s Manchester hosted World Cup.

Francois Pervis from France set up a fresh world record by qualifying with the time limit of 9.347 yet it was Australia’s Glaetzer who got away with the gold in finale race with 2-0 win against Kenny.

Wiggins hopeful about 2014 Tour de France

Bradley Wiggins is hopeful about participating in the 2014 Tour de France. The 2012 Tour France winner had to pull out from the Tour owing to serious knee injury and it was his teammate Chris Froome who went to achieve the winner’s jersey.

The Team Sky rider had been down with a bad chest illness since May that had him withdraw from Giro d’Italia before the knee issues during Tour de France this July. His absence from the major racing events this year led to the speculations that the celebrated 2012 Tour France might not be a part of the biggest cycling championship over again.

But Wiggins has nullified all such speculations and stressed that he is hopeful on participating in the Tour next year. However, he accepted that Froome has every right the spearhead the team now given his impressive Tour France win this season. Besides, he also stressed that it’s not an issue for him to help Froome in defending his title next year.

“He has earned the very right to spearhead Team Sky presently & I fully accept it. It is not like a rivalry here. Both of us aimed for the goal & he had his shot”, stated Wiggins. “I don’t understand why we cannot work together & I am pretty sure that we would be back for the Tour in 2014, provided I am selected. I will love to perform in next Tour France but that does not depend on my decision.” Wiggins is little doubtful about his future in Team Sky.

The British rider was in all praise for his team, especially Froome, for their hard fight in Tour de France this year. “I feel the team presented an amazing performance without me. These guys were better capable than me”, Wiggins added in while speaking on his team’s victory in the world’s most distinguished cycling championship this year.