25 Replies to “Bradley Wiggins on Lance Armstrong and doping”

  1. All the top 100 cyclists are using drugs, if they are not, there’s no way
    they can last and keep up with the drug users, especially on grand tours.
    Just face it, the only difference between the “clean” cyclists is that they
    can get away with it somehow. Armstrong was the king of cycling doping and
    he returned because he thought he could get away with it again, but his age
    and time out was against him.

  2. lol! Any rider, doped or not, has to begin riding as a “domestique” before
    being a leader of a team…

  3. I need a video of Lance shooting dope while showing his I.D. It has to be
    shot from multiple angles with high quality H,D, cameras. Then a confession
    under oath while showing track marks. Then I may believe he
    doped,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but just maybe,:

  4. Lance also started out being a strong competitor in triathlon with Dave
    Scott and Mark Allen in 1987. He was 15 years old. Definitely not reaching
    any conclusion though 🙂

  5. wow such hypocracy, all the time he was dribbling that rubbish he was
    thinking in the back of his head: “haha I’m taking ALL THE S*#T he was
    taking & MORE!!”

  6. The funny this is, cycling is what it is today BECAUSE of Lance. He had the
    perfect storm of natural ability & (extreme) adversity, a coach that
    developed a winning program at same time, and manager that emerged as a
    mastermind. The only “evidence” against Lance are testimonies of the many
    riders that had to dope to keep up because Lance was writing the script and
    they were in a mad dash to follow. #true Now everyone is ready to lynch a
    man based upon here-say. Lance simply worked harder.

  7. denying that every other cyclist that wins the tour dopes: is like
    believing in santa claus. I couldn’t care less about doping in cycling or
    lance in perticular, but public opinion in this matter seems to take on
    inquisition like character. is your angry mob going to purge cycling from
    evil? haha naivity knows no boundaries. If you still support lance
    armstrong your not in the winning team. Hop on the wagon people.

  8. Funny to see a guy as Wiggins talking this shit……just for a couple if
    years ago he was just a track cyclist. In a very short period of time they
    turned him into a multi cyclist who can win The Tour and 3 weeks after
    Olympic gold……..Sky team now is the same as back in the days US Postal

  9. In terms off cycling the transition was very fast from track to road. I am
    not saying that Wiggie isn’t talented ore what so ever…..but to hear him
    telling fairy tales thats quiet awkward. Wiggie and Lance are both great
    athletes……and both using the special sauce….so what…they all do
    that’s the truth…..all hypocrites…..they have to legalize the
    stuff….we don’t want to see guys three weeks climbing mountains with a
    speed of a snake 😉

  10. I think the only people who still believe Lance Armstrong never doped are
    those who haven’t read the USADA report. One journalist who read the report
    said that denying now that Armstrong cheated is like denying the existence
    of gravity. At this point, Armstrong supporters are behaving like crazed
    cult members defending their leader. If God himself appeared to them and
    stated that Armstrong cheated, they’d probably accuse him of being a lying
    publicity seeker trying to sell a book.

  11. thats implying that lance is equal to wiggins without dope you stupid
    fucking idiot, and one place doest mean they were close you stupid fuck.
    there could be a huge difference in time between 1st and 2nd u stupid shit.
    You’re f ucking stupid and your argument just blew up in your face
    youstupid fuck

  12. Bradley Wiggns is a multi Olympic medaling track cyclist going back to 2000
    and 2004 and for years a top class time trialist before he began riding the
    Tour de France in 2006. 6 years later he wins the Tour De France. Hardly a
    ‘very short period of time’.

  13. He went from Olympic track Gold medals to domestique to GT winner. Its a
    gradual process every rider makes no matter how good you are. hes clean

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