Armstrong Scandal Claims another Victim

Matt White, the sports director of Green EDGE Cycling has stepped down from his role in the team after admitting his guilt in taking part with Lance Armstrong in doping during his stint with the disgraced rider’s team mate in the US Postal team in the early 2000s. White, who was also looking after cycling Australia’s national men’s high performance program, has stepped down from that role as well, admitting that doping formed an integral part of the race strategy of the US Postal team in those days.

This admission comes as evidence towards the damnation of the former cycling hero who has already seen 11 of his former team mates testify against him to the US Anti Doping Agency in a doping case that has already seen him banned from professional cycling for life as well as being stripped of all records he held, including the seven Tour de France titles he won.

White issued the statement with regards to the allegations against him by Floyd Landis, a former champion in the Tour de France in 2006, during his stint with the US Postal team between 2001 and 2003. He stated that he feels sad and ashamed to have been part of a team which used doping as an integral strategy to win races and he also admitted that he was too caught up with the system as well.

He also went on to add that he is not proud of his involvement in the doping and he also extended his apologies to his fans, friends and family. White stopped racing professionally back in 2007 and has since then, moved into positions with teams such as Garmin Sharp and now Green EDGE Cycling.

And he admits that the sport needs a really good shake up if it to survive this situation.